"A former boss of mine said the key to executive/managerial success is surrounding yourself with the types of people who not only know WHAT to get done but HOW to get it done. John Boyne is fantastic example of these types of people.
I worked for several months alongside John on a corporate IT merger project and without any hyperbole, I can credit him as the main reason we were able to complete successfully and on time."

Mobile Mini VP IT, Director Infrastructure/Operations

"John is an experienced, knowledgeable and versatile SME and consulting executive in operations, distribution, logistics and supply chain. He is deeply skilled at establishing a positive rapport with clients, understanding and articulating nuanced solutions, and exceeding expectations in consulting delivery and supply chain projects."

Hitachi Consulting Director Operations & Consulting Services

"John came into a tough situation, where his predecessor had not matched up with our company's expectations. John's personality, patience and experience turned the group dynamic 180 degrees and we moved from a frustrated and somewhat angry group to one who got the job done under John's leadership. The end product was excellent."

Wilber Ellis Feed Director - Administration and Employee Business Partners